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Recruiting With The “Doom Loop”

Some thoughts about using the doom loop to interview.

Critical Skills!

Yes, the Doom Loop has a place in the recruiting world. In fact, I have used it countless times with considerable effectiveness. In fact, the Doom Loop was created during a recruiting session – albeit at the MBA level as described in the Doom Loop Blog.

Whenever I was in the process of recruiting someone, whether it was looking at a resume or actually conducting an interview, I would “Doom Loop” the candidate. I would ask indirect questions and mentally place the individual in the appropriate quadrant on the 2 x 2 Doom Loop matrix. Then I would mentally compare where that individual was on the grid with where he/she would be in the position for which I was conducting a search.

Obviously the mental picture was quite rough – but in nearly all cases it seemed to be accurate; and it told me a lot about the individual…

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