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Critical Skills!

Things change over time, to be sure; but what about advice for a new MBA graduate regarding getting ahead in the corporate world NOW – as opposed to THEN.

I dusted off some old speeches and articles from back in the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s regarding how to get ahead in the corporate world. Let’s look at the environment and recommendations made at that time. I’ll use as an example a speech that I delivered to the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business on March 6, 1985 (27 years ago!).   U_of_C_Speech_1985

In that speech, I said:

  • In 1960, there were approximately 4,000 MBAs in the United States.
  • In 1985, there were approximately 70,000 MBA graduates, but approximately 700,000 individuals WITH the MBA degree in the United States.
  • In 1985 there were approximately 250,000 “Career Capstone” positions – those positions that are (or should be) the target positions for…

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